The Best Drones with Camera

DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4

This one is an absolutely amazing quadcopter and, hands down, the overall best drone that one can purchase. It comes with a fully automated GPS functionality that makes it easy for the user to control it. For instance, the drone will take off automatically as well as come back to you. The high-end camera is great for capturing ultra-high definition 4K video and stunning 12-megapixel photos. In this model, DJI has updated the camera’s lens that offers a wider field of view. The industry-leading gimbal stabilization technology allows the user to capture smooth and shake-free videos from the air.

The DJI Phantom 4 has an intelligent flight system that enables it to create tracked video shots, as it automatically locks onto the object and follows it while it moves as well as avoid obstacles. For a more reliable and safer experience, the drone uses a visual positioning system and a new dual-GPS that help stabilize the flight. Last but not the least, the fun sports mode unlocks the drone’s speed of 45 miles per hour and a range of sixteen thousand feet. For a high-end and polished flying experience, this is a premium, well-designed and fun quadcopter that you should definitely opt for.

Parrot Bebop 2

Parrot Bebop 2 drone

The Bebop 2 is the new version of the Parrot’s bestselling drone that has a lot of improved specifications and advanced features to make the drone better than it already was. It features a 14-megapixel camera to record sharp 1080p high-definition videos. The battery life has greatly improved and the drone can last for more than twenty-five minutes. Another new addition is the bright rear LED light that offers better visibility at night and outdoors. The drone can be controlled using a tablet or smartphone with Parrot’s excellent FreeFlight 3 piloting app, and it will stream live HD video right on your device. You can also remotely adjust the angle of the camera.

Furthermore, the quadcopter has three-axis digital stabilization, improved aerodynamics, and a lightweight body. Together, these three features contribute to better handling. It is very cheap to buy the replacement parts such as extra batteries or spare propellers. Parrot Bebop 2 is the ideal choice for a smooth flying experience that can be bought at an affordable price despite featuring brand new technology.

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Yuneec Q500 4K

Yuneec Q500 4K camera drone

If you want to shoot pro-level aerial videos and photos without breaking the bank, then this drone with camera is the one you need to go for. It features an excellent 4K ultra-high definition camera that can capture 12-megapixel photographs and slow-motion 120 fps (1080p) videos. The camera is stabilized through a three-axis gimbal for smooth shots. It comes with a handy SteadyGrip, which is a pistol-grip device that allows the user to control the camera from the ground by using their smartphone as a viewfinder. This is a ready-to-fly (RTF) drone that comes factory assembled in a nice aluminum carrying case.

This drone with camera is very stable and can nicely resist turbulence and wind. Moreover, it has many convenient features such as the new touchscreen controller and return home functionality. Users who want a versatile and high-end flying experience and want to take quality aerial videos and photos without spending much should purchase the Yuneec Q500 4K drone. It is a well-designed, reliable, and thoughtful product that you will enjoy flying.