Cheerson CX-10 drone review

If you have a penchant for recreational quadcopters, then Cheerson CX-10 will be one of the drone series that you should watch out for. Aside from being portable, you can also easily fly the device through the air. Cheerson CX-10 is another product of Chinese manufacturers. It is considered as one of the most popular models because of its excellent features. The cost is reasonable without compromising its quality.
This mini-quadcopter has six-axis flight control boards, all of which can help ensure a smoother flight. It can withstand excessive turbulence as it is also equipped with extra axis. You can also perform 360-degree flips mid-air with this device. It only weighs 29 grams and has individual blades.

Cheerson CX-10


CX-10 is ideal for outdoor flight because it requires enough room for safety purposes. However, it does not have return-to-home feature so in the event that you fly out of range, it will simply take off and never come back. Unlike other drones, CX-10 does not have Global Positioning System (GPS). When flying the device, it should be well within your line of sight to reduce the risk of losing it.

The Transmitter and First Drone Flight

CX-10’s transmitter is bigger than the device itself. It comes with sensitivity adjustors, power button and two analog sticks. You can activate the transmitter by performing this following sequence: Down, Up, Down. It is crucial to perform this sequence once you turn the device‚Äôs power on. The transmitter has a sleek shape, which fits in the palm of your hands. You can also operate it using 1.5V AAA batteries.

Cheerson CX-10 Drone Vs Dji Vision 2 Drone

Flight Modes

CX-10 has three flight modes that you can adjust based on your level of experience when flying a quadcopter. These modes are beginner, intermediate and advanced.
If you want to move quickly, you need to fly on advanced mode. However, you have to keep in mind that this can be quite sensitive. You should only switch to this mode if you are completely aware of the proper way to navigate the device. Beginner mode offers lower maneuverability and sensitivity, so it is ideal for flyers who are just starting out with this hobby.

Cheerson flight

Charge and Flight Time

CX-10 stays in the air for up to 4 to 8 minutes with a charging time of 30 minutes. It is equipped with a Nano RC quadcopter, which is rechargeable using a USB cable. It has a light indicator for charging.


You can capture videos and photos with resolution 720×576 pixels. Taking one-minute video can occupy 60 MB or a total of 200 MB per flight. You do not need a micro SD card to store captured files as you can store them straight on your smartphone’s flash memory.
When it comes to durability, CX-10 does not have the body impervious to force. It can easily bend and break despite the fact that it can take a beating. If you are looking for some hardcore action while flying the device, CX-10 may not be able to deliver. You will need a prop guard if you want to kick your flying experience up a notch.

Cheerson CX-10

Cheerson CX-10





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