DJI Phantom 2 Review

DJI Phantom 2 is a quadcopter manufactured in China. It has a solid build and a nice weight. At first glance, you will notice that the drone looks futuristic. It has a protruding camera, which will make you feel as though you are creating a sci-fi film. Aside from its visual appeal and charm, Phantom 2 never falls short on functionality. With its smooth curves, you can move the drone easily. The camera also does a good job as it lets in more light so every snap produces quality images.

Another feature that you will love about Phantom 2 is its remote that feels great. Although it is big, it is solid and comfortable to hold as it is not too heavy. You can also move freely with the control sticks, but you need to apply a bit of pressure when pulling them back towards the center. It is also equipped with three switches, with each one having superb functions.

dji phantom 2 box

How to use DJI Phantom 2

For first-time users, Phantom 2 will make it easier for you to fly this quadcopter. In comparison to cheaper drones, flying the bigger, heavier and more powerful Phantom 2 is more satisfying. It also provides a great user experience with its responsive controls. If you want the drone to behave exactly as you want, you need to use a fine touch.

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Although Phantom 2 may look powerful than other toy quadcopters, it does not intimidate drone users who are just starting out. It also has a fairly reasonable price considering its features and functionality. You do not need special skills to fly Phantom 2, but if you want to acquire more advanced skills, all you have to do is to refer to the flight training guide. It is highly recommended to fly this toy quadcopter in a big open space as it will prevent the device from crashing.

Phantom 2 Camera

Phantom 2 has a camera, which captures 1080p video at 30 frames per second. You can also attach GoPro if you want a better resolution.

Drone With Camera – DJI Vision App

Making the most use of Phantom 2 is possible by using the DJI Vision. This is a free app, which iOS and Android users can download. Simply connect your smartphone via Wi-Fi network. You can also view a live feed using your camera. The app is intended to trigger the camera and the onscreen buttons can be utilized to record a video or take a picture.


The DJI Vision app also displays drone’s status information. You will also know the flight time remaining as it also shows the battery levels. The apps show the distance, speed, altitude and much more. All these information are important in properly flying the device.
If you are a drone hobbyist, DJI Phantom 2 is one of the best options to consider as you can capture live views by controlling the drone. It is well built and stays in the air for much longer. It is a suitable option even for those who have not yet mastered flying the device. It never takes the fun out of flying a drone.


DJI Phantom 2

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