Drones for kids

Choosing drones for your kids

Gone is the era of chunky plastic Gameboys and remote controlled cars. In this day and age, the sky is the limit and people have become very interested in trying to reach this limit with the help of remote-controlled airborne toys. Multirotors (generally known as ‘drones’) are the latest innovation in this field.

It should be kept in mind, however, that drones are manufactured for various purposes and not all of them are made for kids. The three most popular types of drones are camera drones, racing drones, and toy drones. It is the last of these three types that we are concerned with i.e. toy drones. These are much cheaper than camera drones and racing drones, ranging from $30 to $250. This makes it easy to buy them as gifts for kids, as compared to buying the other types.

You know? what are drones

The real question here is, what details are you supposed to pay attention to when buying a drone for kids?

Blade guards

The most important thing to consider is safety. It is always preferable to buy drones that have blade protectors to keep both your kid and anyone/anything that might be hit with the drone safe. For instance, the rotor blades in the Syma X5C are protected by blade guards that protect the blades from being damaged during collisions. However, some drones that don’t have protective covers have a lot to offer in other departments, so this is one feature that many people often compromise on.

Landing pads and battery life

Landing pads that have been glued to the base of the rotors are also an added plus since they prevent the drone’s body from being scratched or chipped during abrupt landings. The Hubsan X4 is one such drone for kids that comes with pads to cushion itself. One other thing you must look out for is the battery life of these drones. Ideal battery life ranges from five to seven minutes, powered by 340 mAh to 500 mAh Li-Po batteries.

Night navigation with LEDs

Let’s not forget that kids would like to use these drones at night too. Considering this fact, drones with LED lights come in handy since they make navigation in low-light settings exponentially easier than it would be if there weren’t any LED lights.

Bright colors for visibility

It’s also a good idea to buy drones that are aesthetically pleasing and bright in color. There are three reasons for this. The first, very evident one is that it would appeal to the kids. The second, less obvious one is to make the drone stand out so that it doesn’t collide with (and subsequently anger) any passersby. The third reason is to make the drone easier to find in case it flies off course or falls somewhere farther from where your kid is controlling it. The LaTrax Alias Quadrotor is bright red in color and illustrates this point perfectly.
You don’t have to worry too much though because there are a lot of models of toy drones available to choose from. Most of them, if not all, offer these features and more, like HD cameras, and make for fascinating gifts.