Parrot Bebop Review

What happens when you fuse a toy and technology into one? You will definitely get a fantastic device that can take pictures, make videos or provide you a form of entertainment by simply flying it. The Parrot Bebop is a device to watch out for because of its great features. Although its flight time is not long enough compared to other drones, it has done a good job in improving its storage. Bebop has 8GB storage so you can record most of its flight. Bebop has super smooth video and you do not have to be technically inclined to master the art of flying a drone because it is easy to set up. It has robust build to survive a crash.

Parrot Bebop box

Drone Design

The Parrot Bebop may not look out of the ordinary as it looks similar to other quadcopters. It consists of four propellers mounted on their extended arms. It features a body with tube-like design. It also has arms attached to an under plate. The camera is located in the device’s polystyrene body while the battery is placed on a tray on buffers made of rubber.

The new drone is not just intended for outdoor flight because it has special features for indoor flight. You will notice its two 10g clip-on polystyrene shells – both of which serve as its protection from the walls and vice versa.

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Drone for iphone

The Bebop can be controlled using two joysticks via a Skycontroller. These are attached into a frame designed for a table. There are two ways for you to control the drone – buy the device on its own or use the Parrot’s free Freeflight 3 app on a tablet or smartphone.
Using Wi-Fi connection, connect the app on your iPad, iPhone, Windows or Android Phones. You can use the camera of these smart devices to receive a live feed. The Bebop is capable of broadcasting using its own network. It also operates at a max range of 250m using a tablet and max of 2km using a Skycontroller.
You can use the Bebop in three ways – virtual, tilt and joysticks. For indoor flight, you can use virtual joysticks as it prevents trouble with its touchscreen precision control.


Pros and Cons

The Bebop’s smooth video is one of the drone’s excellent qualities. It has a 14-megapixel camera with a fisheye lens. It can also record 1080p video at 30 frames per second using digital stabilization. You also have the option to adjust the camera’s angle.
However, the video quality is affected due to poor lighting conditions especially during indoor flight.
Aside from the smooth video, the drone’s stable flight is also noteworthy. It is resistant to the wind and knocks.
This feature falls short on its internal air circulation. It tends to spin uncontrollably in case you fly it over low airflow desks or vents.
If you are looking for a toy beyond entertainment, the Parrot Bebop is the best way to go. Its advanced features enable you to take photos and make great videos so the precious 10 minutes will be more enjoyable. With its improvements, the drone has so much to offer to users.

Parrot Bebop

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