The SLANT RANGE app within the Drone Deploy App marketplace gives a custom flight planning enjoy for SLANTRANGE multispectral sensors for agriculture.

In this very last submit of our three-element collection protecting our partnership with Drone Deploy, we’ll provide a step-via-step manual to the use of our app in the currently launched Drone Deploy App market. The Drone Deploy Application industry enables third special birthday builders to additional capacity to manual custom work flows for a spread of company drone sectors. Offer supply applications that reside within the neighborhood interface.

The SLANT RANGE app offers a customized flight planning interface for SLANT RANGE sensors that allows you to create flight plans primarily based on inputs about your crops and the facts you want about those crops. This ensures which you’ll be getting the pleasant best imagery from your sensor and the great records products in our analytics software program, Slant View. The app also gives the potential to export your area obstacles from Drone Deploy so that you can use them to crop your finished maps in Slant View.

After studying this submit, you’ll have everything you want to get started the usage of Drone Deploy and the SLANT RANGE app for simple, rapid, and green flights in your agriculture drone enterprise.

Critical notice

The flight making plans functionality described on this publish became developed after we published part I of this series so the content of that publish is not applicable.

We regularly get calls from our clients after putting in their shiny new sensor and that they ask questions like, “So what altitude ought to I fly? and how rapid need to I fly?” And our answer is always the identical, “It depends on what you want to measure.”

One of the most important benefits of drone-based imagery is the very high decision you could obtain, which we’ve leveraged to permit the specific information products we produce in Slant View, inclusive of plant counts, plant size, separation of plants and weeds, and lots of others. However there are a few instead complicated relationships and trade-offs among resolution, altitude, pace, and area coverage, such that you could now not always want to gather facts at the best resolution workable with your sensor. And greater importantly, some information products don’t require the equal resolution as others. As an example, to count number flowers you want to fly low enough to reap the resolution required to split one plant from its associates along a row. And of course, flora has unique sizes at exclusive boom ranges. Further, you don’t need as an awful lot resolution to measure widespread strain situations on a greater mature crop.

This is a superb factor to quick point out the confusion that regularly arises across the phrase “decision”. We’ll provide a full weblog put up on this soon but for now, it’s critical to observe that decision is frequently used to explain the number of pixels in a digital camera (“I’m the use of a camera with 12 Megapixel resolution”) but is likewise used to describe the spatial readability of an image (“My SLANT RANGE sensor offers four.8 cm resolution at a hundred and twenty meters altitude.”) those are genuinely two very distinct principles. For the latter case, we select the time period “ground pattern Distance” (GSD), which describes the spatial dimension represented by way of one pixel in a photo. but for the purposes of this newsletter, and to be consistent with the usage in Drone Deploy, we’ll stick with “resolution”.

prior to the discharge of the modern-day version of our app in the Drone Deploy App market, we furnished an offline flight plan calculator that could compute encouraged flight parameters based totally on inputs about the size of the plant life to be measured and the statistics products to be generated. This become powerful but required yet any other software tool within the subject and values had to be manually copied over to a flight planner.

Taking gain of the effective gear provided to developers within the Drone Deploy App market, the cutting-edge model of our app incorporates all of this capability and gives a seamless, included flight planning enjoy for agriculture drone information collections. the use of our app, you’ll get all of the benefits of Drone Deploy, the industry’s leading flight planning app for DJI drones, which incorporates offline planning, plan sharing, and plenty of other exquisite features. But further, your flight plans can be optimized for the unique conditions of your plants and the specific statistics merchandise you want to help your selection making. No more guessing. No more trial and errors. And no greater wasted time on flights that produce awful data. It’s like you have got one in all our remote sensing professionals built right into your flight planner!

So with that introduction, permit’s get commenced on an in depth walkthrough of a way to use our app. be aware that, unless stated otherwise, all the following steps can be done within the Drone Deploy cell app or at the Drone Deploy internet interface.


Step 1: deploy the SLANTRANGE App

deploy the SLANTRANGE App
deploy the SLANTRANGE App

From the Drone Deploy Dashboard, pick App market on the pinnacle of the left hand sidebar. Make sure All Apps is selected at the top then scroll down and select SLANTRANGE to view our installation web page.

Click the blue deploy button at the lowest of the sidebar, assessment the outline and app permissions, then click the second one blue deploy button to put in the app. You ought to see an “App added” message at the lowest of the display.

Notice that a blue Uninstall button is now gift at the bottom of the sidebar. You could return to this screen at any time to uninstall the app. click on App marketplace then Dashboard inside the top left of the sidebar to return to the Dashboard.

Step 2: allow third celebration digital camera

allow third celebration digital camera
allow third celebration digital camera

This is an critical step and worth of a short rationalization. whilst the usage of DJI cameras, Drone Deploy will routinely come across the digital camera connected in your drone and will load an appropriate digicam parameters to compute picture footprints, overlap, resolution, and many others. However, Drone Deploy now assists traveling with “3rd celebration Camera’s€, meaning cameras from special carriers that Don’t need an association to the drone (like SLANT RANGE!).


To allow this capability, click on Settings on the top of the Dashboard, then activate the toggle classified “Use 3rd birthday celebration camera”.

Be aware the ideal camera parameters could be loaded when you select which SLANT RANGE sensor you’re the use of Instep four beneath. Step three: Create A Plan

From the Drone deploy Dashboard

click Plan a brand new Flight (cellular) or Plan (web). The map will default in your cutting-edge area but you may click on search on the top of the sidebar to search for any area to create your plan.

After assigning a call in your plan, you may outline the boundary, add/eliminate points, and flow your plan the usage of the map interface. You can additionally rotate your plan the usage of the Flight route slider in the sidebar. Notice that you may near the sidebar if wished.

Step four: personalize Your Plan

personalize Your Plan
personalize Your Plan

That is where the magic takes place! From the Plan display screen, scroll down and click on SLANT RANGE to expand the app. you may fall apart the app at any time by clicking anywhere in the title bar of the app.

Start by clicking Sensor and choose which sensor you’re the usage of (3p or 2p). this can load the suitable camera parameters into the flight planner.

to use our custom algorithms to determine the perfect flight parameters in your crop and preferred facts, activate the toggle categorized Calculate Parameters. Observe that the facts icon subsequent to this toggle consists of a link to this blog post if you ever want to check these instructions.

Next, choose kind of data collection to specify the increase level of your crop and the information you’d want to generate in Slant View, which will mechanically present a few additional inputs at the crop. Note that the SLANT RANGE app will use the units you’ve got selected in Settings (Metric or Imperial). be sure to go into information in the correct units!

man or woman flora — populace: select this feature in case you intend to generate a population Map (Stand count number) for row vegetation that also have space among adjacent plant life along each row. Then enter the standard Plant duration and Plant Width of every character plant.

Man or woman vegetation — strain

pick out this feature if you intend to generate a pressure Map (and different related information products) for row crops that still have space between adjoining flowers alongside every row. Then enter the standard Plant length and Plant Width of each individual plant.

Closed Rows

pick out this feature if you intend to generate a strain Map (and different related statistics products) for row vegetation which has closed over along the row however still has area among the rows. Then input the everyday width of every plant alongside the row.

Closed canopy

pick out this feature if you intend to generate a pressure Map (and different related information products) for a crop with a completely closed canopy. Then absolutely enter your preferred picture resolution.



there’s presently a recognized Drone Deploy malicious program wherein the gadgets you choose in Settings are not used at some point of the app. in case you don’t see your selected gadgets being used, just refresh the page at the web or pass in and out of Settings on mobile. This computer virus must be addressed quickly.

Subsequent, choose your preferred Side lap. We generally recommend 20% however you can modify this as needed primarily based on your drone, modern climate situations, or other factors.

Observe that when the Calculate Parameters toggle is on, the Front lap setting is disabled as it is calculated automatically based on the other parameters.

Primarily based to your preceding inputs, a encouraged Altitude can be computed. Use the Altitude slider inside the top phase of the sidebar to enter this altitude. You may alter the maximum Altitude in Settings if vital however continually be sure to follow local regulations. The expected pace is displayed under the recommended Altitude inside the SLANTRANGE app.

if you’d want to set your flight parameters manually, you could accomplish that by using virtually turning off the Calculate Parameters toggle and placing your preferred Side lap, Front lap, and Altitude. It’s essential to be aware that even in case you plan to set your flight parameters manually, you continue to want to apply the SLANT RANGE app as this is the handiest way to load the best digicam parameters into the flight planner. Without the app, the flight planner will assume you’re the usage of a DJI digital camera and the flight parameters will be computed incorrectly.

Right here are a few quick remarks at the settings in the superior menu:

Side lap: this could be set automatically with the aid of the SLANT RANGE app.

Front lap

this could be set robotically by the SLANT RANGE app.

Max Flight pace

Set as wanted primarily based to your drone and situations.

Beginning Waypoint

Set as needed based on your vicinity and situations.

Automated digicam Settings

Has no impact while using a 3rd celebration camera.

Orbit at quit of mission

Set as wanted primarily based for your conditions.

Step 5: Export Your area Boundary (elective)

Export Your area Boundary
Export Your area Boundary

whilst you’ve completed your plan, you may export your subject boundary and use it to crop your maps in Slant View or import it into another device wherein you’d want to tune your fields. To export your subject boundary, click the Export button at the bottom of the SLANT RANGE app. this will download a textual content record containing the coordinates of your area boundary.

Note that this functionality is only to be had on the desktop internet interface.

Refer to the SLANT RANGE consumer manual for commands on the way to import subject boundaries.

Step 6: whole Your Plan

whole Your Plan
whole Your Plan

After you’re happy with the flight plan, click the blue store icon in the lower proper to finish your plan.

Step 7: Fly Your Plan!

Ensure to comply using the tick list A particular in our individual guide.

Connect your mobile system for the aircraft controller via USB. Switch on your faraway controller and aircraft. Within the Drone Deploy app, pick out your plan and click on the blue airplane button inside the decrease proper to provoke your Pre-flight checklist. As soon as your Pre-flight assessments are completed efficiently, the plane button will become a test button. While you are ready to take-off, click the test and away you move!

We hope you locate this new incorporated flight planning tool beneficial on your agriculture drone business. We worked carefully with our companions at Drone Deploy to offer an interface that guarantees you get the records you need and lets you take away the guess-work from flight planning. The mixture of Drone Deploy flight planning with the SLANT RANGE app, records series and rapid in-field processing with SLANT RANGE sensors and analytics, and Map Uploads to Drone Deploy for sharing, syncing, and further analytics provides a simple and efficient end-to-cease solution for all of your agriculture mapping desires.