What are drones?

As soon as we hear the word “drone,” a question arises in most of our minds – what are drones? To explain simply, drones are remote-controlled multirotors that the user can fly.
These drones are used for photography, racing, or just for fun. Camera drones are becoming increasingly popular among photographers because of the high-quality videos and pictures they can take. Racing drones, as implied by their name, are used for participation in racing competitions, which is why they are faster than their camera and toy counterparts. Toy drones, on the other hand, are favored more by the younger generation and are generally brighter and more attractive than both camera and racing drones.

A plethora of features to consider

Now that we know what drones are and what its types are, we can move on to the features that one must look for when in the process of purchasing a drone.

Once you’ve identified the purpose of buying a drone, it’s time to decide what size you want. There are mini drones available as well as larger versions. The larger versions are usually thirty by thirty inches in size, whereas the smaller versions may be no bigger than a pebble. The smaller ones are usually used for the purpose of entertainment, while the larger ones are mostly used for video-recording or racing.

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You must also keep in mind that when you’re buying drones, most of them have a battery life of 5-8 minutes at most. Despite this fact, you would be prudent to buy the drone with maximum battery life. You can also look for built-in LED lights for easy navigation if you plan to fly the drone at night. It is also imperative that the drone you buy has blade guards so that it doesn’t get damaged or hurt a passerby during a collision. On that note, landing pads on the base of the drone are also an important but oft-ignored feature. They make sure that the body of your drone isn’t chipped off during abrupt landings. For those who are concerned with the video-recording quality, many drones are available that can both record and stream videos in 720p.

Time to buy yourself a drone

Now that you have been fully educated on the basics of drones, you will find it easier to buy a drone that sits well with the likes and needs of the recipient of the gift. One thing’s for sure – there’s no one who wouldn’t like to have a drone to call their own.

Drones: A gadget-cum-toy you can’t get enough of

In this era of consumerism, all of us know how difficult it is to buy presents for our loved ones, be they children, friends, or family. It’s always a gamble to buy them gifts because we can’t be sure what they will like and what they won’t. These thoughts plague us all and are a source of frustration for many. Well, there’s good news for all soon-to-be gift-buyers and gadget enthusiasts – there’s a new gadget on the market that appeals to people of all ages and interests. These gadgets (or toys for some) are generally known as drones