Who Makes Drones?

Who makes photography drones and quadcopters ?

Drones have become increasingly important in this era for various reasons. From military missions to space explorations, the use of drones is starting to take root across the world. In fact, drones have now entered the commercial zone and many people are using these new technological wonders to take aerial selfies or deliver messages to loved ones. But the question remains: who makes drones?
Despite the growing popularity of these convenient robots, we do not really know who makes drones, where drones come from or how they are made. If you ever find yourself wondering who makes drones, then wonder no more. Here are four of this year’s most revered drone makers:

1. Yuneec

A China-based company with branch offices across three continents, Yuneec is a big name in the electric aviation industry. Yuneec builds more than a million drone units annually through their brand subsidiaries OEM/ODM. The company is known for manufacturing the Typhoon Q500 quadcopter, the first out-of-the-box and ready-to-fly drone in the world. New features were later added to this high quality drone. The improved model can now provide air and ground imaging solutions through a 4k camera and has been repackaged as the Typhoon H 4k Collision Avoidance Hexacopter.

2. Parrot

Though a neophyte in the UAV/quadcopter market, Parrot already had a reputation for manufacturing mobile phone and automobile wireless devices. Their first foray into the UAV/quadcopter market was met with massive success. Parrot now owns a large portion of the market much to everyone’s surprise. The first product they released, the AR.Drone, and its latest model, AR.Drone 2.0, captivated the interest of many drone enthusiasts.
What set these drones apart from the rest is that they are integrated with a FPV system and you can maneuver them through a smartphone application. Not for long, Paris-based Parrot launched Bebop 2, an advanced quadcopter with multiple features.

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3. Blade

Blade, a hobby product distributor based in Champaign, Illinois, is known for manufacturing a range of quadcopters with several advanced features. They are also safe and easy to use. The models manufactured under the Blade series come in different shapes and sizes. There are helicopter drones, multi-prop drones and other unit types. Blade Nano QX is the brand’s most popular product as it makes for an ideal beginner quadcopter. Their latest model is the Blade Zeyrok Drone, while the Blade Chroma Drone is the go-to drone for those who love taking pictures.

4. DJI

The reputation may not be set in stone but drone collectors and professionals agree that DJI Innovations, whose head office is located out of Shenzhen, China, is currently the world’s leading drone maker. They manufactured the critically acclaimed phantom range of quadcopters, famous for their unique GPS First Person View feature. All quadcopters in this series are video-enabled. The DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter works well with a GoPro camera while the DJI Phantom 3 is one of the best read-to-fly quadcopters in the market. The company has recently released DJI Phantom 4, their latest model.
Now that you know who makes drones, the next step is to decide on a model that matches your preferences.